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Past Shows

April 7, 2013: Sunday Night Celebration @72 North w/ Mango Napalm

March 30, 2013: EP II Release Show @The Silverlake Lounge w/ Bobby Joe Ebola and The Radioactive Chickenheads

December 8, 2012: Ron Lynch's Tomorrow! @Steve Allen Theater w/ The Lost Hours, Buster Balloon, Susan Burke and Matty Goldberg

October 27, 2012: Space Boners Halloween @The Silverlake Lounge w/ The Bundys, Mr. Hip, Barbara Gray, and Kevin Hawkins

August 25, 2012: Ron Lynch's Tomorrow! @Steve Allen Theater w/ Laura Kightlinger, Joselyn Hughes, and The Martin Duprass

July 28, 2012: @All-Star Lanes w/Zeus' Hammer and Brandie Posey

July 7, 2012: @Rafa's Lounge w/ Sean Green, Tess Barker, Heather Thomson, Barbara Gray, Raj Desai, Rob Christenson, and Amaya Perea

July 5, 2012 Peach Cobbler Party @Olystis Studio w/ Tartar Control, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop

July 4, 2012: Ogre Mage Drinking Game @Babe Island w/Phanton Bangs, Hannah Gansen, and Elemenopy

May 26, 2012: @The Silverlake Lounge w/Tartar Control and The Spanglers

March 23, 2012: Pizza Day 8 @Lamppost Pizza in Simi Valley w/Kyle Clark, Paul Cibis, Emily Maya Mills, and Shawn Pearlman

March 18, 2012: Lady Of The Land Video Premire @The Improv's Comedy Lab w/ Paul Cibis, Mike Celestino, and Robert Garren

January 28, 2012: Ron Lynch's Tomorrow Show @Steve Allen Theater w/ David Higgins, Baron Vaughn, and Marianne Sierk

December 16, 2011: Holiday Party @All-Star Lanes Bowling Center w/ Brandie Posey, Tooks, and The Bundys

December 13, 2011: @Big Fish w/ Joseph Larkin, Erikka Innes, and Tess Barker

November 30, 2011: The Ed Galvez Punk House @Westside Comedy Theater w/ Jeff Mackinnon, Joe Sib, Nicole Cristo, Michael D'bey, and Tom Clark

November 21, 2011: Tiger Lily @Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill w/ Marc Maron, Matt Braunger, Jackie Kashian, TJ Miller, and Jason Nash

October 29, 2011: Space BOO!ners @Silverlake Lounge w/ Barbara Gray and The Bundys

October 23, 2011: Count Creepula's Spooky Improvised Movie @The Hollywood Improv's Comedy Lab

October 20, 2011: The Fold @Silverlake Lounge w/ Railroad to Alaska and the Mulhollands

October 1, 2011: CD Release Party @The Silverlake Lounge w/ The Weekend Pilots, Eric Andre, and Grant Pardee

September 14, 2011: Tarter Control Residency @The Doll Hut w/ Tracy Dean and Jesus and Bumlord

July 31, 2011: Trick! @Dark Horse Saloon w/ Morgan Murphy, Baron Vaughn, Brandie Posey, Emily Maya Mills and Eric Dadourian

July 9, 2011: Ron Lynch's Tomorrow Show @Steve Allen Theater w/ Frank Coniff, The Doorknockers, and Eddie Pepitone

May 6, 2011: First Fridays @Theatre Asylum w/ Laura Mannino, Howard Kremer, Chip Pope, and April Richardson

April 30, 2011: Ron Lynch's Tomorrow Show @Steve Allen Theater w/ Heather Thomson, Laura Silverman, and Hannah Gansen

April 30, 2011: @Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con w/ Grant Pardee

April 9, 2011: @The Silverlake Lounge w/ Kate Crash, The Weekend Pilots, and The Brothers Bros. Band

February 24, 2011: Hamclown 4 @The Mezz in the Alexandria w/ James Adomian, Cornell Reid, Sean Patton, Dan Dominguez, and Greg Barris

December 16, 2010: Comics and Comics @Meltdown Comics w/ Tom Franck, Grant Pardee, and Ed Greer

December 9, 2010: PERSONA! @The Improv's Comedy Lab w/ Johnny Pemberton, Josh Fadem, Jason Nash, Chris Walsh, and Tony Sam

December 5, 2010: @Lexington Theater w/ Tarter Control, Bobby Ebola and the Children MacNuggets, The Weekend Pilots

November 26, 2010: BLACKEST FRIDAY PARTY @Frog Hollow

October 30, 2010: Space Boners @The Silverlake Lounge w/ Chris Fairbanks and Barbara Gray